Nimisha Mahiyaria

Nimisha Mahiyaria is an international Yoga teacher and multi-faceted dancer from New Delhi, India.
Nimisha’s training began at the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (New Delhi) at the age of 11. She has since been devoted to practicing Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation at home as well as in High School. After having consistent exposure to Yoga, Nimisha formalized her Yoga training in 2016 at the OM Factory Yoga Center, New York. She has since taught over 1000 Yoga classes in several Yoga centers, studios and universities located in New Jersey and India.

Her teaching style includes the theory behind Krishnamacharya Yoga, the flow & movement in Vinyasa Yoga, and experiences between sound and body practiced in Nāda Yoga.

Krishnamacharya’s teaching method focuses on the student’s mental and physical needs, assisted with the breath. Vinyasa Yoga is a newer form of Yoga that focuses on a continuous flow between Asanas with the natural rhythm of the breath. Nāda Yoga (Nada meaning flow of sound | Yoga meaning Union) is the process of the union of the fluctuations of the mind with consciousness through the vibration of sounds.

With the assistance of sound, Nimisha incorporates traditional healing instruments into her classes, enriching her students with positive sound vibrations that assist in rehabilitating the mind and body connection. Her knowledge and expertise on various movement vocabularies helps her students to learn and explore in a safe & holistic space.

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