Hum Yoga: Center for Yoga & Sound Healing

Hum Yoga is a non-profit organization that helps spread the healing benefits of yoga and sound meditation to all, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged populations of our community. We work with different non-profit organizations to create yoga and sound meditation classes, workshops and programs. We create a safe space for people to come together and learn the benefits of yoga & sound healing.

Hum Yoga offers a platform for people express themselves and feel confident in their own voices and self-expression.

Why do we explore sound in yoga?

Sound instruments and sound frequencies that vibrate in perfect harmonies can be felt by our body and mind. It’s proven that higher vibrations have naturally healing benefits, that reshape the molecular structure of our brain and bring us to a state of complete relaxation and self healing.

Hum Yoga | The Union of Us

Hum (Hindi) = Us
Yoga (Sanskrit) = Union

Hum = Sound of Throat Chakra  (or Communication)


A safe space to find peace within