TURIYA: The Transcendent State

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“Deep and moving trance music combined with rare musicianship. A lovely CD!”
~ Jai Uttal – world-renowned kirtan and rock artist
“Turiya is a sensuous, rhythm infused sonic landscape, perfect for yoga and other joys.”
~ Girish – yogi, kirtan artist, musician, composer, producer

This unique disc features the exotic and rare tuned-percussion instruments, the Halo, Hang and Zen Tambour. The music ranges from the fusionesque “Ebb and Flow” to the meditative Halo-Hang duet, “Moon Glow.” There is a strong thread of improvisation throughout, and much of the music came to the musicians in the studio itself. The album is 58 minutes with a flow from start to finish that will perfectly accompany a yoga practice, massage session, and exercise or dance routine.
Vincent Pierce Smith plays the Zen Tambour, tabla, cajon, Halo, Hang, udu, keyboards and a variety of percussion. Karttikeya plays the Halo, Hang, Hapi, udu, cajonito, keyboards and a variety of percussion. (Special guest, Lawrence Haber, plays the bass solo at the end of Ebb and Flow)
Karttikeya and Vincent are veteran drummer/percussionists who perform in a variety of styles and settings. You might find them playing this music live for a yoga class in the Princeton, NJ, area! We can hope that this is just the first of their musical collaborations.

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