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A Magical August New Moon Sound Healing

August 1st New Moon Sound Healing

Our August New Moon Sound Healing event was a wonderful success! Thank you so much to everybody who joined us in honoring the New Moon with sacred sound healing & meditation.

Together we created a safe space to come together and share our stories, ideas and experiences. A night filled with beautiful sound meditation, community discussions & philosophical conversations surrounding our world, environment & finding solutions to how together, we can make a difference

Sharing different healing modalities and how we can take care of one another by creating spaces where we can feel safe enough to feel vulnerable, authentic & express our love, sorrow, grief, fear & hope are important steps towards making the world a better place 🌎

Join us for our next New Moon Sound Healing on September 14th, honoring the Harvest Moon. A night of sacred sound meditation, deep relaxation & community gathering.

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