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Tabla Tuesdays

Your Tuesday dose of Tabla

We are excited to begin our new series called Tabla Tuesdays!

In this series we discuss the history of Tabla, share tutorials on the instrument, and discuss its language and how to speak it in rhythm!

So where is this magical instrument from? The Tabla is an ancient percussion instrument from India, created by Mughal emperors around the 15th century. It is associated with the Hindustani style of music that is predominant in Northern India.

Tabla consists of two drums, namely dayan and bayan. These are easy to remember, as dayan in Hindi means right, i.e played with the right hand, and bayan in Hindi means left, i.e played with the left hand.

What makes the drum so unique!? Its ancient tradition of spoken language and verbal teaching methods!

This additional tool makes it easier for composers and performers to express their ideas of rhythm or composition to other musicians, and helps memorize long compositions faster.

Here’s a beautiful and easy EIGHT beat rhythm called Kaherva that you can share with your friends and music lovers!

Da Ge Na Tin Na Ka Dhin Na


Hope you enjoyed our first post on Tabla Tuesdays, stay tuned until next Tuesday!
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