Yoga & Sound

5-minute Meditation for those Mundane Mondays!

“It is better to start your day with a deep breath”


Here’s a simple way to begin your day with a quick & grounding sound meditation!

Muladhara, or your first chakra, is a frequency that exits at the lowest part of your spine. This energy is associated with our ability to manifest short term or long term goals, including waking up early in the morning!

Muladhara meditation helps in grounding your thoughts, and start each day with a clear mind.

Here’s how:

Sit in a comfortable seated position. Make sure you’re sitting on top of your sits bones or pelvis, shifting the hips back and allowing the spine to align itself.

Before closing your eyes, observe your body looking straight ahead with an elongated spine. Take a few deep breaths here, trying to relax your muscles with every exhale. Notice any muscles taking longer to relax or are tensing up.

When you feel comfortable sitting still, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale out. Take your second deep breath in, and exhale out, creating the sound “Lam”. 

Repeat this sound 8 times, in consistent tempo with the natural rhythm of your breath, making each progressive sound longer. Remember to initiate sound from the pelvis, or the lowest part of the spine. Try your best to connect with the deepest sound you can make at ease.

After 8 repetitions, enjoy the silence. You will feel a buzz from the vibrations you created with each repetition of sound. Let that sink in!

When you decide you are ready, rub your palms together to create some warmth and place them on your closed eyes. Slowly part your gaze away from palms as you open your eyes.

 meditation also helps in building readiness, trust and acceptance, while eliminating fear, anxiety, fixations, and negative behavior.

To gain centered and strong everyday consciousness, practice Muladhara!


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