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OM: The Sound of the Universe

Museum of Musical Instruments, New Delhi

Om: The Sound of the Universe

The word Om is a sound most of us have come across in our life. We often attach the word to it origins, i.e India and its spiritual culture.

However, it existed many years before our time. Om is said to be the sound of the Universe. Although sound cannot be heard in the Universe, the vibration and frequencies are tuned to the sound of Om.

Think about when you meditate. In the process, after surpassing the many thoughts created by brain, do you sometimes hear a consistent vibration, or sound? A humming sound? That sound frequency is said to be the sound of Om.

Here’s a brief explanation of how the sound works:



A: Creation (The first sound you create. Low to high frequency)

O: Understanding (The Oh! Or Aha! Moments of your life. Sustained frequency)

M: Acceptance (I see how it ends!)

Silence: The very last sound (The continuous and eternal spectrum of Prana)

Om is often used to begin and end a Yoga class. Some people jive in, others observe and listen. Regardless, the sound is created and can be felt by everybody in the room. The sound you create vibrates through the air, into the Universe.

Next time you hum Om, remember, you are the Universe!

Hum Yoga

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